KC2000 is a Mullite-based refractory coating designed primarily to encapsulate RCF furnace and kiln linings.

KC2000 does NOT contain ceramic fibre. When fired above 800°C, KC2000 forms a tough ‘egg shell’ type finish that;

  • Encapsulates refractory hotface surfaces.
  • Seals hot face fibres to prevent airborne dust.
  • Is abrasion resistant.
  • Is chemically inert and chemical resistant.
  • Protects the refractory lining to give an increased service life .
  • Has a very high energy reflectivity quality which gives energy saving properties.


KC2000 should be applied by trained engineers, using a high-pressure spray gun. KC2000 can be also be hand painted with a stiff brush. KC2000 can be applied to new linings or even used refractory surfaces that are in a reasonable condition.

Typical Properties

  • Colour:  Light Grey when dried/Buff when fired.
  • Form Clay Based paint.
  • Wet Density:  2000kg/m³
  • Layer Thickness:  1-1.5mm
  • Typical Yield:  7m² per 20kg container
  • Temperature Rating:  < 1,475°C

Shelf Life

12 months if unopened and stored in cool, dry conditions. KC2000 will settle out with time. Mixing instructions must be followed.

Mixing Instructions

As a clay based product the material can ‘settle out’ when in stock and has to be remixed before use.

In remixing, nothing should be added or removed from the contents of the tub as it has been developed using the optimum material and additives.

The solidified part of the mix has to be broken down into small particles and remixed with the liquid which has separated out.

Mixing should be carried out with the use of a paint paddle and a pistol drill or similar.

When thoroughly mixed the material becomes a paint type liquid which can be sprayed using a high pressure spray gun or painted onto the refractory or fibre surface.

Continual mixing should be undertaken throughout the installation process to ensure the material retains it’s consistency.

When spraying KC2000, appropriate P.P.E. should be worn.