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FCS offers a variety of products to suit your business, we operate using three key areas which are gas, electric and energy. Our products range form modules to domestic items.

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Industrial Ceramics
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FCS Element Hanging Systems are manufactured and installed to the highest standards and can give these great benefits to your furnace or kiln:

  • Can DRAMATICALLY reduce Heat Loss
  • Can DRAMATICALLY reduce Heat Storage
  • Fire up times can be shortened
  • Low Maintenance

Based on the original PB EES , FCS have developed the original system to incorporate the ability to efficiently and reliably hang tape and coil elements in furnace roofs and walls.

Both types of element can be supported at temperatures up to 1,400°C – more than the maximum temperatures that Iron, Chrome and Aluminium resistance materials can be used.

The Ceramics are not affected by deleterious effects that some furnaces have on Nickel/Chrome and problems due to ductility of the Nickel/Chrome hook pins are eliminated.

Further developments have been made to enable multiple elements to be suspended side by side from a single hook pin.

After necessary adjustments have been made to the surface area loading of the resistance material (to reduce the element temperature), the power density that can be installed into a wall may be increased by up to 75% over the single element system.


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