FCS offer a variety of services including installations, disposal and site surveys. We have fully trained staff who can consult and offer advice on any jobs you require.

Please take your time to look through the different services we offer, If there is anything you wish to discuss further please do not hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, please fill out our ‘Request a call back’ form and one of our experienced advisors will get back to you.

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FCS offers a complete Thermographic Survey of your company’s Kiln or Furnace. Using the latest Thermal Imaging technology, we will be able to accurately detect if your Kiln or Furnace has any specific areas (‘Hotpsots’) emitting excess temperature levels – resulting in heat and monetary losses.

Once the ‘Hotspots’ are identified we can then perform the individual thermal calculations, tailored specifically to your facilities, and provide detailed solutions to this potentially catastrophic issue.


Refractory Ceramic Fibre (RCF) changed classification in December 1998 to a ‘Category 2 Carcinogen’, which, among other things, means that in the UK all waste products are treated as ‘special waste’.

We are registered with the Environmental Agency for the disposal of waste and hold a ‘Certificate of Registration for the Control of Pollution Act 1989 (Reg No BUT / 773423)’. Along with our registered trading partner, we can offer you a professional service for the safe disposal of ceramic fibre.


Having a team of fully trained and experienced engineers available on 24-hr callout, 365 days a year allows us to offer an installation service which is reliable, efficient and minimises the amount of time your kiln or furnace is inoperable.

For over 3 decades FCS have been installing high quality kiln and furnace linings in places as far reaching as Russia, South America, Australia, South Africa, the USA and China. FCS are recognised by many to be market leader and set standards for the rest to follow.

Our activities conform to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Our site engineers are qualified in the Client/Contractor National Safety Group Safety Passport Scheme, recognised by organisations such as BP, ICI, National Power, Ibstock Brick and Powergen, to name but a few.


FCS have extensive pre-casting facilities at our head office in Cannock and our Sheffield facility which are both able to produce highly technical pre-cast refractory shapes. We are able to produce specific moulds to tight tolerances to provide the best possible formers for the items required.

The pre-cast items we produce are manufactured from various types either dense or insulation and from various manufacturers and suppliers. We have close relationships with these companies which enables us to get a quality service for a competitive price.

Pre-cast shapes that FCS has produced include but is not limited to the following items – Walking beam block, hearth blocks, element hanging system blocks, pier blocks, pre-cast Jamb & lintel blocks, burner blocks and setting slabs.

If required we can offer to batch test the castable during the production process and we have the capability to the blocks to 1000oC although the majority of the blocks produced are pre-dried to 350oC and would be supplied heat wrapped, and securely palletised.

Free Site Surveys

FCS offer a free, no obligation Site Survey. If you have a concern or a problem with your existing kiln or furnace we would be happy to send a fully trained engineer to site to discuss the matter with you.